Sly Stone Wins Millions In Lawsuit After Being Nearly Homeless

EXCELLENT news, indeed.


What Have You Done For Me Lately?

…… OH, Jiba. 👑

The Afrosoul Chronicles

They all want to be Number One... They all want to be Number One…

Are geeks, especially African American geeks, elitist?

That’s something to ponder.

I’ve found that those who are most elitist are the most ignorant with a very limited pool of information to draw from. Lack of knowledge, context and history will do that to a person. I think that some would like to be thought of as the Wise Old Man on the Mountain, but quickly find their knowledge pool challenged when they come up against someone with a deeper knowledge pool to draw from.

Don’t get it twisted… Geek Knowledge Kung-Fu is real. It’s like immortals challenging each other in Highlander or Scanner battles.

Because they are embarrassed by what they don’t know, then it becomes personal and ugly and extremely uncool. They start grasping for allies and, when they don’t have numbers to back up their view, it gets all

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Upcoming interview with #BlackComicsChat !

#MECCAcon2015 Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts - MECCA, along with 133art and Pyroglyphics Studio, will be featured Feb7th on #BlackComicsChat !! 7pm central 👌 @MECCACON, @133art, @ShawnAlleyneArt, @pyroglyphics1, ....... link will be posted in an update! #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Interview with THE BLACK GEEKS

Peace, everyone! Here is the link to our feature on THE BLACK GEEKS #tbgpodcast @theblackgeeks from this past Sunday night! I was interviewed by all of the members, and they completely treated me like a queen! Make sure you all take a listen! ~crown~ Posted with Blogsy

MECCAcon 2015   Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts - MECCA September 18, 2015:: 7pm-11pm Mbad/aba African Bead Museum 6559 Grand River, Detroit, MI September 19, 2015, 11am-7pm 5 E Gallery 8120 Grand River, Detroit, MI   COMIC BOOKS MANGA FINE ART ILLUSTRATION INDEPENDENT FILM GAMING HANDCRAFTED ARTISANS MUSICIANS DJs CLOTHING … Continue reading MECCAcon 2015