MECCAcon 2015





Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA

September 18, 2015:: 7pm-11pm

Mbad/aba African Bead Museum

6559 Grand River, Detroit, MI

September 19, 2015, 11am-7pm

5 E Gallery

8120 Grand River, Detroit, MI














and MORE!!


Dealer tables,

Live performances,


Illustration Classes,

Comic book workshops,

DJ workshops for children and adults,

Youth dance,

Fashion show,

And MORE!!!

EXCITED to announce that director, filmmaker, and actor, Ka’Ramuu Kush  will be head director of this year’s MECCA FILM AWARDS for MECCACon 2015!

To celebrate the exact purpose of #MECCAcon2015, as well as bring forth more knowledge of exactly what the word means, on MULTIPLE levels due to the fact that it can mean SO many different things based on how you choose to SPELL it…

We are glad to announce that we will now be doing two new annual contests!!


::: MECCA-MECHA illustration contest!! :::

Grand prize will be $200 in cash!

Draw, Illustrate, and/or Paint YOUR version of what MECHA and/or MECCA means to YOU!

– Robots

– Anime

– Voyage to MECCA

– Detroit, aka D-MECCA

– A Controller

– Voltron, Transformers, etc.

– A Person

**must be an original drawing, and must be new work**


:::MECCA FILM Contest:::

Enter your film, short OR full, to be submitted into our new film contest! The film with the most online votes will be aired at the convention. Film must not contain nudity due to the children that will be attending. Film must have been made recently, and must be your own work and production. Violence is ok, but should be moderate.


Submit your submissions via email to or via Ka’ramuu Kush at

When you post the work(s) online, PLEASE do not forget to use the hashtag #MECCAcon2015.

Fb, instagram, Twitter, tumblr, pinterest, etc!



Registration is only $75 until JULY 31st, 2015!!

As August 1st, 2015, tables are only $125!!

*Prices go up August 1st, NO EXCEPTIONS!*

Art installers :: $50


Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA, aka MECCAcon, is a large comic book and artist convention held annually in Detroit, MI. The primary reason M.E.C.C.A was established was to instill knowledge primarily in the younger art culture. It is my mission to make sure that children know that all “heroes” do not look the same, that many actually look just like THEM. It is also important to learn the origin of comic books, what the historical facts come from, and what the word “hero” actually derives from.


Unlike many “comic cons”, we don’t just focus only on comic books. Art has several mediums, and we want to highlight them all. MECCAcon will highlight comics, science fiction, steampunk, fine art, music, graffiti, dj artists, handmade artisans, african belly dance, urban gardening, fashion, african martial arts, and more.


Lastly, at this convention, while comic books are the main focus, we want to make sure that ALL forms of art are highlighted. At the end of the day, art is and always will be ART, creative expression.


So get YOUR drawings ready!!!

share YOUR artwork,

YOUR beginning stages to

YOUR characters, share YOUR storylines, share YOUR concepts!

cuz it will be at YOUR “home”,

once AGAIN,

on YOUR terms.

this is for ALL AGES.

This convention highlights CULTURE and DIVERSITY.

No need to pass by 100 booths before you find a character that looks like YOU.


Bring the ENTIRE family!

Celebrate the HERU in YOU!




Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Art, aka M.E.C.C.A, or “MECCAcon”, is a division of Amonyet Enterprises. The organization was founded October 2013, by founder and CEO, Maia “CROWN” Williams.


for vending applications and info, please contact

** Maia Crown Williams

CEO and Executive Assistant, M.E.C.C.A.



Published by MECCAcon

Maia CROWN Williams is the founder of MECCAcon (Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts) and MECCAcon IFF (International Film Festival). She also is the founder of AMONYET ENTERPRISES, an executive management company. AMONYET ENTERPRISES is an executive assistant and event coordinating company, as well as mass promotion. We manage small Businesses, Events, Marketing, Authors, Activists, Illustrators, Animators, Chefs, Restaurants, Filmmakers, Actors, Bloggers, Musicians, Producers, Poets, Public Figures, Muralists, Spiritual Leaders, and more. AMONYET ENTERPRISES is also the parent company to: Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts (MECCAcon), SPIRIT OF A PORCUPINE (#SOAPhats), CROWN'S ROYALTIES and COOKING CIPHERS. "My main objective of everything i do is to strengthen, build, protect, and grow. I instill those in each and every business, event, and project that i sign my name next to. Our people will only rise when we learn to stand up. In order for our community to grow, we must BE a community."

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