EXCELLENT feature in #NerdsOfColor @theNerdsOfColor today for #MECCAcon2015

Thanks so much, Shawn!

The Nerds of Color


Comic conventions are like traditional meals. They are either wonderful and make you feel like you’re at home, or they are so terrible they induce nightmares and have you screaming, “You had the ingredients and the recipe. How did you screw up so badly?” From what I’ve been told, MECCAcon is home for a whole lot of people.

This September, Maia Crown Williams—the founder of #MECCAcon2015 and all around comic-culture badass—is making Detroit, Michigan the center of the universe for comic-culture for and by folks of color. While there has been some geeklash about how events like this, BCAF, OnyxCon and others are “exclusive” events; the overwhelming majority of people see the necessity of these events.

If we are honest with our nerdselves, comic-culture is overwhelmingly white, male, and let’s face it, mostly banal. Same adolescent white boy power fantasies retouched like pigment deficient cave paintings. What MECCAcon and its…

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