New Web Series: Ackee and Saltfish

This new series #AckeeAndSaltfish is EVVVVVVERYTHING, folks!!


Ackee and Saltfish is a great new online web series that I’ve recently discovered. It is refreshing to see a web series that focuses on the African diaspora in the UK. What makes me think this new series will go far is that director Cecile Emeke achieves genuinely funny moments by skillfully capturing the light-hearted and comic moments of everyday life and friendship.
The web series has been developed from the short film ‘Ackee and Saltfish’, which was based on the banter between two best friends, Olivia and Rachel. The director Cecile Emeke has previously worked on a documentary called Strolling. Strolling aims to capture the thoughts of ordinary people, challenging stereotypes and assumptions by revealing the common experiences and struggles of people from different backgrounds and perspectives. This intriguing body of work makes Cecile Emeke one to watch, and I’ll definitely be watching Ackee and Saltfish when it’s released…

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