#MECCAconWeekly w/ JOHN I. JENNINGS, artist and associate professor

Figured I’d share my interview w/ #JohnJennings​ I did because it was a good one, lol.
John was VERY informative, and the interview was COMPLETELY balanced! Definitely a must read! ❤ https://meccacon.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/meccaconweekly-w-john-l-jennings/

Have YOU registered for MECCAcon 2015 #MECCAcon2015​?
Tables are only $75!
Web ads are only $40 or with a table, only $25!


Peace, America. So this was the week that I geeked ALL THE WAY OUT for #MeccaConWeekly lol. ANYone who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of all things JOHN I. JENNINGS. Jennings is an artist, educator, hip hop historian, comic historian, multiple convention organizer, art curator, proud newlywed, and all around BAD ASS. Even with that massive list, he is one of the most humble brothas you will ever come across. His energy is COMPLETELY balanced. Jennings has recently this past Martin Luther King weekend organized TWO black comic book conventions, and BOTH were a success. The convention in Harlem has had thousands since its first year! It was a huge honor that he agreed to let me interview him, and I am so grateful to share all of this known and UNknown information with all of you. Black Comics are ALL year when it comes to the people…

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