BEAUTIFUL NEWS: 7-Year-Old Girl Wins $16K For Her Comic Book About Super Afro Puffs!

EXCUSE ME AS I SCREAM, folks!!!!! As the CEO of MECCAcon 2015 #MECCAcon2015 and Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA,

this is just gave me LIFE, ok??

LIFE!! 💜💜💜


Natalie McGriff Source: Angela Nixon / Angela Nixon

One young girl has used her creativity to battle negative self-image and find the joy in reading–and she was greatly rewarded for her efforts!

Natalie McGriff, 7, took home a huge prize at One Spark for her comic book The Adventures of Moxie Girl. One Spark is a huge crowd-funding festival, and they raised enough coins to give Natalie $16,000 for her comic book.

The Adventures Of Moxie Girl is about a Black girl who hates her hair. However, after using some magical shampoo, her curls develop super abilities. She then uses her afro puffs to fight for literacy and save the Jacksonville Public Libraries from a pack of hungry monsters looking to gobble it up.

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Natalie wrote the comic book with the help…

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