‘Tall N Curly Comics’ Should Be Every Naturally Curly And Textured Hair Girl’s Cartoon Spirit Animal

Sooooo THIS is awesome.

The Lavish Rebellion Journal

When I first started using Pinterest, as with most interactive platforms, I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed by it. The idea was simple enough–you “pin” pictures to a board, or boards, that reflect your favorite interests, ideas and wishes–but doing so just didn’t seem like much. Pinning stuff? And I found the search for specific things and images annoying at first. It reminded me of Tumblr, but just definitely less GIF-fy.

I think I created my account sometime in 2013, but only these past summer months I began to truly enjoy what Pinterest had to offer. I’ve even added the app to my iPod Touch and I’ve truly gained the concept of using it for DIY projects, discovering new products and stories and elevating ideas, especially in the categories of health, makeup and hair. Funny enough, what really grabbed my attention in the beginning with Pinterest was pinning pictures to…

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