Orders Due January 18, 2016

{The Fiction House}

Trying another new thing for the New Year. Revived my “Stackology” feature a couple months back, mostly to shed additional light and love onto books that I’m into, with an obvious slant towards hyping the work of my fellow black creators. But given how the comics industry actually works, and the demonstrated importance of pre-ordering comics months in advance, a release day shout-out might be too little too late.

So what I’m going to do every month is publish a Previews Short Order Form, pre-filled with my own personal orders for comics written and illustrated by some of my contemporaries. Feel free to download this PDF and adjust as necessary for your own pre-ordering needs, keeping in mind this is by no means intended to be an exhaustive, comprehensive list.

There are certainly people and products that I’ve missed, but I still think this makes for a fine start, especially…

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Published by MECCAcon

Maia CROWN Williams is the founder of MECCAcon (Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts) and MECCAcon IFF (International Film Festival). She also is the founder of AMONYET ENTERPRISES, an executive management company. AMONYET ENTERPRISES is an executive assistant and event coordinating company, as well as mass promotion. We manage small Businesses, Events, Marketing, Authors, Activists, Illustrators, Animators, Chefs, Restaurants, Filmmakers, Actors, Bloggers, Musicians, Producers, Poets, Public Figures, Muralists, Spiritual Leaders, and more. AMONYET ENTERPRISES is also the parent company to: Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts (MECCAcon), SPIRIT OF A PORCUPINE (#SOAPhats), CROWN'S ROYALTIES and COOKING CIPHERS. "My main objective of everything i do is to strengthen, build, protect, and grow. I instill those in each and every business, event, and project that i sign my name next to. Our people will only rise when we learn to stand up. In order for our community to grow, we must BE a community."

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