Jamaican Patties So Good I Spent My Light Bill Money! #InTheDarkButFull

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The Hungry Black Man

baking-patties Fresh Patties Coming Out The Oven

Miami is blessed to have a large Caribbean population where, by driving from one community to the next, a critic and foodie like me can be transported across the globe thanks to the smells, sights, and flavors in mom and pop eateries nestled within Miami’s fly over neighborhoods.  Taste Rite Bakery is one of those eateries indeed, gliding me through the beautiful island of Jamaica with just one bite of their delicious Ackee and Saltfish Pattie ($3.00).  Ackee is a fruit found in West African, transported to Jamaica by slaves and incorporated with salted cod fish to create a scrumptious dish, which was stuffed inside this amazing patty.  Surprisingly, the ackee and saltfish was my favorite of all the patties.  A MUST HAVE!

Following the Ackee and Saltfish Patty, I had the Seafood Patty ($2.25), which is packed with shrimp and imitation crab meat…

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