5th annual #MECCAcon2018 / #MECCAconSSU2018 OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS :: Want to hold an educational class workshop for college, high school, and/or middle school students? Would you love to be a featured vendor at Detroit Public Library?? Savannah State University?? Wanna try your hand at holding a panel, workshop, seminar? Would you like to do a QnAContinue reading “OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS”

FIFTH annual #MECCAcon2018 !!

illustration by Jason Reeves. Colors by Luis Guerrero, both of ***** PLEASE SHARE ****** (tickets) *** 5th annual #MECCAcon2018 *** presented by Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA THURSDAY, September 13, 2018 Source Booksellers FRIDAY, September 14, 2018 Vault of Midnight Detroit SATURDAY, September 15, 2018 Detroit Public Library – MAIN branch DETROIT- MidwestContinue reading “FIFTH annual #MECCAcon2018 !!”

#MECCAcon2016 tickets

#MEECCAcon2016 Applications/Tickets are now available! Apply TODAY!       Saturday, September 17, 2016 10am-5pm DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY (COMIC BOOK CONVENTION, panels, workshops, INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) 5201 Woodward, Detroit MI For For the FULL SCHEDULE and VENDOR LIST, CLICK HERE  For MECCAcon International Film Festival,  click HERE.     This will be ourContinue reading “#MECCAcon2016 tickets”

#MECCAcon2015 App, Tickets, SCHEDULE

We are very excited about this year’s MECCAcon 2015 convention, and would LOVE for you to join us! MECCAcon2015 is 3 events in 1::  DJ WORKSHOPS & PERFORMANCE NIGHT – SEP 18, MBAD/ABA COMIC BOOK CONVENTION – SEP 19, DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL – SEP 19, DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY;;  #MECCAcon2015’sContinue reading “#MECCAcon2015 App, Tickets, SCHEDULE”