2019 fan photos for #MECCAconDSA2019

MECCAcon for all things 2019 is OFFICIALLY a wrap, family! I want to take time to officially thank everyone for participating and attending my events yesterday, both 6th annual MECCAcon Detroit #MECCAconDSA2019, the 5th annual MECCAcon IFF 2019 #MECCAconIFF2019, and the 4th annual MECCAcon Vault book/art signings. It takes a lot of work and even more so dedicationContinue reading “2019 fan photos for #MECCAconDSA2019”

#MECCAweekly w/ Shawn Martinbrough

This week, MECCAcon Weekly was lucky enough to be blessed with an interview by well known comic book and graphic novel artist, Shawn Martinbrough. This was definitely a treat, and I’m happy to share with all of you! As MOST of you know, I am in no way shape or form a real journalist, norContinue reading “#MECCAweekly w/ Shawn Martinbrough”

#MECCAconWeekly exclusive w/ David F. Walker

Recently, i was awarded the huge honor of being able to interview a brotha that i respect HIGHLY in the literary world, David F Walker. Not just comics, not just Youth Adult, not just black… but PERIOD. Walker is a man who has planted his foot print FIRMLY in the literary and film industry, and did so withContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly exclusive w/ David F. Walker”

Next up- DAVID WALKER (Shaft, Number 13, Super Justice Force)

Next Monday, MECCACON Weekly is excited to bring you an interview with DAVID WALKER! Monday, FEBRUARY 16th! David is the writer for the upcoming CYBORG series, as well as SHAFT, SUPER JUSTICE FORCE, NUMBER 13, DOC SAVAGE, and a long list of more.  This will not be your typical SHAFT interview, which i see theContinue reading “Next up- DAVID WALKER (Shaft, Number 13, Super Justice Force)”

Upcoming MECCACON WEEKLY Features

  MECCAcon Weekly upcoming features include:: Regine Sawyer John Jennings Bill Campbell Sheeba Maya Jennifer Cruté Joe Illidge Chuck DragonBlack Collins David Walker Arie Monroe Alitha E. Martinez   MECCAcon Weekly is a division of Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA and Dark Matters. ‪#‎MECCAcon2015‬ Registration is NOW! Only $75! https://www.facebook.com/events/501568086654943  Continue reading “Upcoming MECCACON WEEKLY Features”