#MECCAcon2016 Raffle Donations

Are you interested in contributing to our  #MECCAcon2016 RAFFLE? NOW is the time to send them in! Contact us today! AmonyetEnterprises@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!  RAFFLE DONATIONS:: This will be our 3rd year doing the raffle, and it gets bigger every year. Last year we had a MASSIVE amount of OUTSTANDINGContinue reading “#MECCAcon2016 Raffle Donations”


#4pages16bars SEQUENTIAL GRAFFITI (art book) is now available on ETSY! Only $5.99 for a digital download of 66 pages!  Some of the best representation from the black indie community! Purchase yours TODAY!    An EXCELLENT way to donate to the funding of MECCAcon! https://www.etsy.com/listing/229343406/4-pages-16-bars-sequential-graffiti

support #MECCAcon2015 with a COOKIE! (Really… Who doesn’t like cookies?)

#COOKINGCIPHERS 25% off EVERYTHING sale! ESPECIALLY our cookies lol! ALL are completely natural, & we also offer vegan and/or gluten free! Well received ALWAYS! HUGE cookies too 🙂 A perfect way to help contribute to the funding of #MECCAcon2015 !! Private chef dinners and personal chef sessions are ALSO a part of thediscount! Use EtsyContinue reading “support #MECCAcon2015 with a COOKIE! (Really… Who doesn’t like cookies?)”


http://www.eventbrite.com/e/meccacon-2015-tickets-15482124451 http://booster.com/MeccaConTees WANNA help support MECCAcon 2015 #MECCAcon2015​, but can’t afford a tshirt? Can’t get to the event and purchase a table but still wanna help? NOT A PROBLEM! Purchase a $6 ticket, or you can also donate! Our ETSY shop now also has #4pages16bars SEQUENTIAL GRAFFITI for purchase! Only $5.99!! We also have SponsorshipContinue reading “HOW TO SUPPORT #MECCAcon2015”