MetroMode features MECCAcon! Take a look!

MECCAcon was recently gifted a WONDERFUL feature by MetroMode with Kim Eggleston. We are so appreciative of not only the opportunity, but the traffic it is bringing to our event!  Make sure that you go and take a look, and please share!  See you all in September!


#MECCAcon2015 is coming up VERY fast, September 18-19, 2015, and we couldn’t be more EXCITED! COMIC BOOK  CONVENTION DJ WORKSHOPS, HIP HOP/ SPOKEN WORD INDIE FILM FEST! Here is our OFFICIAL participants list, followed by the SCHEDULE:: 2015 DEALERS / VENDORS / ARTISTS JASON REEVES / 133art SHAWN ALLEYNE / PYROGLYPHICS STUDIO N STEVEN HARRISContinue reading “#MECCAcon2015 VENDOR/WORKSHOP LINEUP”

#MECCAconWeekly advance preview of THE EIGHT, by Abdul H Rashid

This June, AHR Visions (AHRV) will begin launching its FIRST WAVE of flagship titles that will begin the run of its large and growing catalog of series. THE EIGHT, the signature “superhero” title from the studio, will begin this new line with its exciting and stunning first issue that will introduce the world to DeanContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly advance preview of THE EIGHT, by Abdul H Rashid”

Rapper Trick-Trick on the No Fly Zone, Eminem, and the state of the music industry | Blowout 18 | Detroit Metro Times

Rapper Trick-Trick on the No Fly Zone, Eminem, and the state of the music industry | Blowout 18 | Detroit Metro Times.

#BlackNerdProblems interview w/ #MECCAcon2015 pt2 Black Nerd Problems​ & #MECCAcon2015​ interview pt 2!! This time with not only myself, but also Shawn Alleyne​, Jason Reeves​, and N Steven Harris​!! Both Shawn AND Steven left their comic con tables to do the interview, so thank you SO much!! Thank you so much Jordan Calhoun​ for the opportunity!! -crown-

#MECCAweekly w/ Shawn Martinbrough

This week, MECCAcon Weekly was lucky enough to be blessed with an interview by well known comic book and graphic novel artist, Shawn Martinbrough. This was definitely a treat, and I’m happy to share with all of you! As MOST of you know, I am in no way shape or form a real journalist, norContinue reading “#MECCAweekly w/ Shawn Martinbrough”


Tiara Jones, History 270: African-American History Jackie Ormes: Ground Breaking Illustrations ​Cartoons are often thought of as cute little pictures for children, but they are much more than that. According to the cartoon editor of the New Yorker, Robert Mankoff, “Cartoons present a different way to see life’s problems.” Cartoons provide people with a different vantageContinue reading “JACKIE ORMES LIT REVIEW by Tiara Jones”

#MECCAconWeekly w/ Anthony Piper of #TrillLeague

I’ve always been the type of person to support those who are doing something AGAINST the grain. I actually pride myself in giving my money to those whose craft stands out ABOVE the crowd. Years ago, i was introduced to my brody, Anthony Piper. I was an immediate fan from the start. Not only wasContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly w/ Anthony Piper of #TrillLeague”

#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Paul Lewin

In the past 3 months, many of you all have heard me sing high praises over all things PAUL LEWIN. The brotha is BRILLIANT. I have never seen an artist capture science fiction, Afrikaan inheritance, and Caribbean folklore, all at the SAME TIME, lol. Every single piece of work from him that I’ve ever seenContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Paul Lewin”

#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Sanford Greene

This week i was gifted the honor of interviewing the very talented artist, Sanford Greene. Greene is an official Marvel artist, who has also done work with DC, Dark Horse, EA, and more. He also has done well known independent work, including ROTTEN APPLE, AN ARMY OF FROGS, and others. Just as respected in mainstreamContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Sanford Greene”