2019 fan photos for #MECCAconDSA2019

MECCAcon for all things 2019 is OFFICIALLY a wrap, family! I want to take time to officially thank everyone for participating and attending my events yesterday, both 6th annual MECCAcon Detroit #MECCAconDSA2019, the 5th annual MECCAcon IFF 2019 #MECCAconIFF2019, and the 4th annual MECCAcon Vault book/art signings. It takes a lot of work and even more so dedication […]

Seith Mann To Adapt ‘BLACK’ Comic In What Studio 8 Hopes To Be First In A Franchise — Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel/Disney paved the way with Black Panther and Studio 8 is taking it further in a move created to inspire conversation and deconstruct the superhero genre. Seith Mann has been hired by Studio 8 to adapt the comic series BLACK which explores the idea if what only black people had superpowers? The company plans […]

These Celebrity-Sponsored Scholarships Will Help Ease The Financial Burden Of College

As many high school seniors prepare to make the transition to college, the typical financial burden of room, board and books could be alleviated — and in some cases, eliminated — because of scholarships. This is especially important this year because as the number of Black students enrolling in college has been on the rise, so… […]

Black Entrepreneur Aims To Bridge The Digital Divide In DC — News One

A Black entrepreneur is striving to level the playing field for people of color to enter the realm of tech. Through a Washington, DC-based incubator, Aaron Saunders is providing tech education for underserved individuals in efforts to diversify the industry, WAMU reported. How can people of color in D.C. navigate a path through a tech… via […]

Indie Creators & Leaders: Maia Crown Williams (MECCACon) Interview – FanBros.com

“In all industries there are pockets of hidden creators and leaders that help to shape the vision and future of the business. Some of those creators are quietly building monuments of brilliance. I spoke to one such creator, Maia Crown Williams of MECCACon…” CLICK HERE FOR FULL INTERVIEW! : Indie Creators & Leaders: Maia Crown […]


5th annual #MECCAcon2018 / #MECCAconSSU2018 OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS :: Want to hold an educational class workshop for college, high school, and/or middle school students? Would you love to be a featured vendor at Detroit Public Library?? Savannah State University?? Wanna try your hand at holding a panel, workshop, seminar? Would you like to do a QnA […]