5th annual #MECCAcon2018 / #MECCAconSSU2018 OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS :: Want to hold an educational class workshop for college, high school, and/or middle school students? Would you love to be a featured vendor at Detroit Public Library?? Savannah State University?? Wanna try your hand at holding a panel, workshop, seminar? Would you like to do a QnAContinue reading “OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS”


Welp, it’s another one under our belt!! #MECCAcon2016 is a wrap!! We had an absolute BLAST! I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire 3 day event! From the book signings at both Source Booksellers and Vault of Midnight, to our comic book convention and film festival, everything was wonderful all the way thru. OurContinue reading “#MECCAcon2016 PHOTOS”


In a dream world, #MECCAcon2016 would be filled with cosplayers as DOGONS, EGUNGUN, WITCHDOCTORS, VOODOU, BOBO MASKS, IGBO MASKS, etc. I’d honestly smile from ear to ear in gentrified Midtown Detroit, lol. So… What exactly IS cosplay?    “Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants calledContinue reading “COSPLAYING at #MECCAcon2016”

#MECCAcon2016 Book Signings

MECCAcon 2016 #MECCAcon2016 will be holding  PRE.CONVENTION book signings at both Source Booksellers, a BEAUTIFUL black owned bookstore in Midtown Detroit, and Vault of Midnight Detroit comic shop, at their VERY dope, newest location in Downtown Detroit!  Source Booksellers, Thursday, Sept 15th:: 4240 Cass Ave #105, Detroit, MI 48201 Phone: (313) 832-1155 5-6 Leah Vernon,Continue reading “#MECCAcon2016 Book Signings”

#MECCAcon2016 Panels

Illustration for MECCAcon by Will Focus. He will also be a featured vendor.   #MECCAcon2016 is proud to bring our annual panels once again! This has always been a highlight at MeccaCon, and we are so excited! for our FULL convention schedule, including the film festival, click HERE.         WOMEN IN COMICS,Continue reading “#MECCAcon2016 Panels”

MECCAcon is for Da Children!

  Ok. The title was cheesy, but it BROUGHT you here, lol. Help your children and those in your neighborhood/classes celebrate the HERU in them! Bring them to #MECCAcon2016 ! SEPTEMBER 17, Detroit Public Library’s MAIN branch! 10a-5p! Comics, books, artisans, scifi, animation, INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, workshops, panels, and so much more! Teach them theirContinue reading “MECCAcon is for Da Children!”