#MECCACONweekly w/ N Steven Harris

      This week, I am very excited to feature one of my closest comrades, multi award winning artist, N Steven Harris! He is also an official artist for MECCACON, and has been for the past two years. Click on our YouTube link above to listen to his interview!     In addition toContinue reading “#MECCACONweekly w/ N Steven Harris”


http://www.eventbrite.com/e/meccacon-2015-tickets-15482124451 http://booster.com/MeccaConTees WANNA help support MECCAcon 2015 #MECCAcon2015​, but can’t afford a tshirt? Can’t get to the event and purchase a table but still wanna help? NOT A PROBLEM! Purchase a $6 ticket, or you can also donate! Our ETSY shop now also has #4pages16bars SEQUENTIAL GRAFFITI for purchase! Only $5.99!! We also have SponsorshipContinue reading “HOW TO SUPPORT #MECCAcon2015”

#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Paul Lewin

In the past 3 months, many of you all have heard me sing high praises over all things PAUL LEWIN. The brotha is BRILLIANT. I have never seen an artist capture science fiction, Afrikaan inheritance, and Caribbean folklore, all at the SAME TIME, lol. Every single piece of work from him that I’ve ever seenContinue reading “#MECCAconWeekly w/ artist Paul Lewin”