CUTAWAY – a brief shot that momentarily interrupts a continuously-filmed action, by briefly inserting another related action, object, or person (sometimes not part of the principal scene or main action), followed by a cutback to the original shot; often filmed from the POV of the character and used to break up a sequence and provide some visual relief, or to ease the transition from one shot to the next, or to provide additional information, or to hint at an impending change;

MECCAcon, Kola Restaurant & Ultra Lounge, and 1917 American Bistro join forces for the next biggest thing!

Coming this November! 😎

Every 1st THURSDAY at #KolaLounge!

Every 3rd THURSDAY at #1917AmericanBistro!
both from 7 – 11 pm!


Afro-Reggae music,
AUTHENTIC African & Caribbean food,
Excellent Drinks,
Speed Dating,
and of course,

… the FILMS!

2 black international, independent films, both from various regions! Come experience some of the best indie short films in the industry, and like never before!


Speed Dating list is short so come early to sign up, or register in advance! Limited slots will be available, so the earlier you arrive the better!


Our mission with The CUTAWAY is to bring forth a new type of vibe to the working class in our community. There are many things to do in Metro Detroit, but many of them have become stagnant.

We wanted to introduce the community to the beauty of black international short films. These films are some of the best films available, and are fun to watch because they are shorts. Not only is this a great way for local and non local filmmakers to network, it is also a great way for the young working class to relax after work or a long, stressful day.


The food is amazing at the venues, and so is the energy.

We also will have speed dating available each night. Not only is speed dating fun, but it also a VERY effective way to network and get your brand out there. 12 slots will be available, so sign up early!

Lastly, we believe in cooperative economics and self-ownership. Supporting local black businesses as a whole is very dire to our brand. Each night, we will have selected vendors, no more than 2 each, highlighted.

Contact us today!

The CUTAWAY features multi screen showings of international, independent, African diaspora movies. Movies are shown in a relaxed and comfortable cafe setting, with a full menu of food available, as well as the bar.

The CUTAWAY is also available for a wide variety of private film functions, including Private Screenings, Fundraisers, Movie Parties and much more! Please call us for more information or to set up a room viewing at 3134510297.

The CUTAWAY LOCATION: The Cutaway is hosted in KOLA RESTAURANT & ULTRA LOUNGE, which is located in the American Plaza, off of Northwestern Highway, between 14 mile road and Middebelt. The building is next to a Thai massage and hookah lounge. The address is 32523 Northwestern Highway, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

We do accept cash, all major credit cards, and PAYPAL.

Table Reservations for larger groups (5 or more) can be accepted by phone or e-mail (please contact us with reservations at least 3 hours before the screening).

GIFT CERTIFICATES are currently not available.

FILMMAKER INFORMATION: If you have a movie you would like to submit for a potential public screening/engagement, please call us at 313-451-0297 for submission information. The Screening Room is also available for cast parties and private (or test) screenings for you movie.

Only $10 gets you this entire experience, so do something DIFFERENT on a Thursday, and experience The CUTAWAY!






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