#MECCAconWeekly advance preview of THE EIGHT, by Abdul H Rashid

This June, AHR Visions (AHRV) will begin launching its FIRST WAVE of flagship titles that will begin the run of its large and growing catalog of series.


THE EIGHT, the signature “superhero” title from the studio, will begin this new line with its exciting and stunning first issue that will introduce the world to Dean Hannibal, The Metaphysician, P-Funk, Kilimanjaro, Spike, Shadow, Leapz, and Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn. This different translation of the “superhero team” will add a level of flavor and style to the traditional concepts of the genre formula.
In the aftermath of The Fall, units of angels are dispatched to Earth to act as educators of man to the new world around them and their obligation to do well by one another. A rogue amongst these “Teachers” becomes fallen, and in an effort to prove the weakness of humans and the necessity to rule over them, grants the most vile of the species with angelic abilities, creating the first of an immortal race known only as FOREVER.
These dark immortals begin to wreak havoc to the world. In order to show the strength and resilience of humans, heroic immortals are created and given the task to dispatch their polar opposites from the planet… starting an underground war that has raged on in parallel with the growth of known (and unknown) world history.
Born “Mathos Philosir”, son of a top general of the warrior clans of Carthage during the campaigns against the Roman Empire. Mathos was renowned for his military knowledge and applications at an early age.
image Mortally wounded and on the verge of death he is visited by the angel Ra and “sparked” with the ability to manipulate plasma energy. This ability comes with an immensely extended lifespan that borders on immortality, augmented physical attributes and…to become a warrior against an ominous force in a “underground” battle between good and evil.
Over the centuries, Mathos utilizes various alter-egos while keeping a distance from getting too personal with “mortals” to avoid arousing questions of whom and/or what he is. In the early 1900’s, he adopts the name “Mark Pickett” and fights along the allied forces in various military campaigns waged by humans that the Dark Immortals have used as guises for their own agendas.
Over the past 70 years, he and a number of other immortals have joined together to form “The Eight”, a powerful organized unit of heroic “immortals” based in North America.


Follow Dean Hannibal and the rest of The Eight as the action begins with issue #1 exclusively from AHR Visions! Series debuts Summer 2015! 
A native of Flint, MI, Abdul H Rashid is a graphic illustrator, creator, and developer of intellectual properties that focus in the genres of sci-fi, action-adventure and horror. His work is featured in a comic book series distributed by MARVEL, and he is currently collaborating with various creative studios in New York and California on other genre related projects. Being a freelance for the past 5 years, Mr. Rashid has worked to develop stories and concepts that contribute to a wider and broader expansion of an imaginative universe in the industry. Striving to push this initiative further, and making more diverse characters that represent the multi-cultural society, Mr. Rashid works to develop more “iconic-level” characters that enhances the reach mythology within the industry. At the same time, being from the Mid-West, AHRV will work to add to the growing surge of creative output coming from that region of the country.  

Check out THE EIGHT and so much more! http://AHRvisions.com

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MECCAconWeekly is also a division of Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCAcon. MECCAcon is an annual convention every SEPTEMBER, located in Detroit, MI.
“BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED” …This is my motto. Whatever environment you come from, whatever your surroundings or financial circumstance, there is ALWAYS room to grow, flourish, and BLOOM.
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